Demand for biometrics-based identity verification is surging in virtually every vertical and geographic market in the world. Mobile technology, changing demographics, cost pressures and increasingly sophisticated security threats are driving unprecedented adoption rates for biometrics-based solutions. Whether you are a retailer, government official, banker, healthcare professional or system integrator, you will find solutions that meet the specific needs of your market. The flexibility and range of our solutions allows you to get the exact solution you need – configured precisely to your particular environment – without the traditional costs and timelines associated with custom development.

We provide identity assurance so that you can effectively control access, increase security and reduce fraud.

Control, measurability and accountability

Biometric workforce management or time and attendance systems provide a common set of performance-based tools to support corporate management, frontline supervisors, store managers and workers across manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and retail operations. It is a complete approach designed to make a workforce or institution as productive as possible, reduce labour costs, and improve customer service

Biometric workforce management or time and attendance refers to systems installed in workplaces or institutions which record biometrics (fingerprint, facial recognition, iris, voice, etc.) to monitor the attendance and efficiency of workers.

  • Increase productivity by eliminating buddy clocking
  • Reduce payroll inflation and payroll error rates
  • Ensure compliance with time and attendance
  • Increase security and efficiency by eliminating ID cards and PIN’s
Asset control

Fleet managers have turned to complex systems to manage their mobile assets. Today, they can track anything and everything about their fleet vehicles. What they don’t always know is – who is in control of the asset.

They don’t know who is operating that particular piece of machinery. Biometrics is the logical solution. For many years now, the promise of fingerprint biometrics has not been fully realized in large part because conventional technologies did not perform well in the field.

Evolved biometric technology now offers combined fingerprint recognition algorithm, optical sensors, embedded design technology, and software application.

Biometrics 3G can provide; reliable access control biometric readers and unique job costing software for the transportation industry and is ideal for earth-moving equipment.

Accurate, reliable access control biometric readers and unique job costing software from Biometrics 3G has a solution in the transportation industry.

  • Knowing who is operating a vehicle, where and for how long, is now a realistic opportunity for fleet managers.
  • Finally, it is possible to manage risk and reduce costs by ensuring that only properly trained, insured and authorized workers are driving vehicles.
Risk and cost go down, quality improves

The complexity of the healthcare industry is a natural fit for biometrics-based authentication. If you’re looking to enhance data security and comply with privacy regulations, you can use Biometrics 3G solutions to improve security surrounding access to electronic healthcare records. If you’re looking to improve the quality of care, our solutions validate identity in processes ranging from patient intake to e-prescriptions.

From an economic standpoint, biometrics-based solutions can help you eliminate or reduce costs associated with assigning, managing and retrieving passwords. We can also help you ensure patient identity.

So, if you’re ready to reduce risk, minimize costs, protect revenue and address the myriad problems presented by passwords, we have your solution.

  • Secure access
  • Improve workflow efficiency
  • Easier compliance with industry regulations
  • Know who did what and when
The identity problem – cost, risk and exposure

Governments can use our solutions to control access, manage civil identification and ensure program eligibility.

Government agencies face a dilemma. Responding to growing populations, changing demographics, increasing security threats, multiple regulations and the demand for improved service levels must be balanced with the realities of relentless budget pressures.

Whether your agency is responsible for criminal justice, voting, entitlement programs or citizen identification, Biometrics 3G has solutions to help you assure identity while controlling costs.

Biometrics 3G also offers cost-effective solutions to assure the identity of government employees and control access to networks, databases and other proprietary assets. Unlike passwords that are vulnerable, costly and hard to manage, biometrics-based identification provides you with assurance and measurable cost savings.

  • Easier compliance with industry regulations
  • Secure access
  • Improved user experience
  • Know who did what and when
Power and assured identity

Financial service organisations use biometric identification to secure transactions and prevent unauthorised access.

Banks and other financial institutions depend on assured identity. For years, that meant a slow and laborious process that had become increasingly vulnerable and out of sync with technologies familiar to both customers and employees.

Biometrics-based solutions dramatically change every aspect of the process, including cost, speed and certainty. Our solutions enable you to identify customers, employees and other key audiences quickly, economically and with the assurance only afforded by biometrics.  For employee authentication, Biometrics 3G solutions allow financial institutions to secure and control access to networks, applications and data.

Security threats have become more omnipresent and sophisticated, the effectiveness of password- or token-based security systems has rapidly deteriorated. Passwords and tokens are simply too easily forgotten, forged or compromised.

  • Improved customer service
  • Stronger protection of customer data
  • Easier compliance with industry regulations
  • Know who did what en when

Solving a costly problem for retailers 

You know the problems too well. Employees processing fraudulent returns or providing friends and other unauthorized personnel with discounts. Co-workers clocking in and out for each other, driving up payroll costs and depleting productivity. Registers timing out and customers fuming in long lines while employees are searching for the right password at the beginning of a shift.

These various forms of theft, fraud and delays cost retailers revenue every year. So the problem with Pins, passwords or swipe cards isn’t just a hassle – it’s a key driver of overall profitability.

Using fingerprint biometrics instead of Pins, passwords or swipe cards saves time, reduces fraud and adds more money to your bottom line. It also improves customer satisfaction. Whether it is employee log on or management overrides, biometrics speeds transaction time making employee log on and manager approval immediate and transparent to the customer.

  • Speed up transactions
  • Prevent unauthorized overrides
  • Reduce payroll fraud
  • Know who did what and when

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