• Unlike conventional Biometric units, we make use of GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) to transfer data to and from a centrally located cloud server, in order to create a total wireless solution.
  • The unique design of the system allows for a consistent recognition speed, regardless of the number of employees.
  • Our system eliminates common problems like ‘buddy clocking’ and ‘ghost employees’.
  • The Mobile-Biometric-Reader gives full control of, and information about staff’s attendance, no matter where you – or they happen to be.
  • Central data base for multiple branch integration.
  • Two-way communication interface (Employee data sent from reader to HR or Management PC – Employee data sent to reader from HR or Management PC.
  • Data is real-time. The data is constantly synched for HR and Management usage.
  • Customers can retain their current Time & Attendance Software using the Biometrics-3G-Software-Interface.
  • We offer tailor-made solutions and 5 years Cloud Data Backup.

What about data security?

  • Once the data is uploaded, the Mobile Reader will store up to 100 000 clock-ins worth of data in the unit itself.
  • If you are out of GPRS signal range, the Mobile Reader will store the data and then automatically upload it when you get back into a cell phone reception area.
  • The unit records everything. You have instant access to reports as and when you need them: images, finger prints, user codes, human resources data, annual leave and payrolls.
  • All server software is cloud-based, ensuring ease of use and maximum uptime in a secure environment.

Fingerprints are unique for each finger of a person including identical twins. The patterns of friction ridges and valleys on fingertips are unique to every individual. Fingerprint recognition technology is popular because it is fast, non-intrusive and works even if the hand is not clean. Clocking times are accurate to the minute, and it takes less than a second for an employee to clock in.

Major benefits of the facial recognition are that it is non-intrusive and hands-free – It is particularly suitable where hygiene is important. Face recognition systems enrol each individual based on several photographs of the face from different angles.  The template is created from measurements between key facial features that do not change significantly over time. Employees simply look at the clock and within a second they are identified and clocked in for work. This hygienic alternative to fingerprint reading eliminates buddy punching and the need for cards and badges.

Biometrics 3G provides a complete solution from managing your clocking, to exporting your data to your payroll
package – Payroll is controlled from Employee Identification to the Pay Slip.


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