• Employees paid even when they are not at work?
  • Lost productivity due to late arrivals, absenteeism and long lunches?
  • Employees clocking for each other or covering up absences?
  • Are you paying for supervisors to monitor arrivals and departures?
  • Are supervisors too lenient or complicit in reporting late or absent workers due to friendships?
  • Is your company struggling to apply labour policies consistently and fairly?


Collecting time and attendance that will provide accurate and objective reports. With the Biometrics 3G system there is no time being wasted filling in attendance registers, clock cards or timesheets. There is no guess work and no bias. Managers have instant reports on absenteeism for disciplinary hearings, trend identification and control.

  • Unlike conventional Biometric units, we us GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) to transfer data to and from a centrally located cloud server.
  • The system provides a complete solution from managing your clocking, to exporting your data to your payroll package.
  • This system can integrate seamlessly with any Payroll application to reduce error, fraud and administration time, cut payroll preparation time and improve payroll accuracy.
  • This system will provide automated employee-specific, shift-specific and location-specific access control.
  • Staff monitoring 24/7 – 365 days a year.
  • Your payroll system is updated automatically and accurately as soon as new data is available.
  • Biometrics 3G provides tailor made solutions to each client – hardware and software for client-specific needs.
  • Data back-ups are kept on the cloud server for up to five years.
  • For the mobile systems no network connection is needed, this creates a totally wireless solution.
  • Payroll is controlled from the identification to the pay-slip.
  • Staff monitoring where ever you or your staff may be.
  • Always synched – real time data streaming and updates.
  • Two way communication through Biometrics 3G interface
  • Central data base for multiple branch/sites/locations.
  • Our software developers can design an interface for custom systems.
  • Our software automatically documents employees times by separating normal time from overtime, the hours worked, public holidays, grace and break recording.
  • Admin staff no longer need to capture and calculate wages and salaries.
  • No more manual inputs – no more finger faults.
  • It is light weight and has a LCD colour screen.
  • It is highly tamperproof, fully submersible, shock and dust proof.
  • The mobile reader is perfect for dusty, greasy and hazardous environments.
  • Once data is uploaded, the reader will store up to 150 000 clock-ins worth of data.
  • Our reader has powerful storage capabilities and can store up to 3000 employee profiles.
  • Industrial stainless steel enclosure.
  • Network and USB connectivity.
  • Adaptable power supply (connected to 12V DC car charger & plugged into a 220V AC power supply).
  • Unit comes standard with 17 Amp built-in battery (3 days standby time).

Almost all security systems are based on something you have to carry or something you have to know – therefore inherently flawed. Anything you have can be taken from you and anything you know can be told to someone else. Biometric systems are secure because they are based on something that can’t be stolen – identity.

Many companies rely on paper-based clock-cards and timesheets, and then retype the data into spreadsheets and accounts systems. Despite hours of typing, processing and cross-checking, the results are inaccurate and open to fraud and human error.

Most systems focus on collecting data for payroll, which means that a limited set of data is collected. Usually only shift start and end times. This information is not immediately available to managers, and is provided in a format that makes it difficult to identify trends of behaviour.

By collecting labour data onto a synched cloud server, both line and HR managers can be immediately informed about absent or late arrivals and access friendly and customisable reports. Time & Attendance systems can be integrated with employee-specific, shift-specific access control to ensure that employees do not enter areas outside their particular working hours.

Performance management starts with performance measurement – if you don’t know what was done by whom, you cannot identify where performance is low. In short, what gets measured gets done. A good performance measure is the first step in managing work performance. Building blocks for a good performance measure?

  • Validity
  • Reliability
  • Abuse-proof
  • Credibility
  • Information availability
Automated biometric readers collect accurate source data for Job Costing, employee-specific Access Control or Attendance. A convenient and secure interface is provided for monitoring, analysis and reporting.
Time and Attendance
  • Reduces administration time and costs
  • Eliminates the time and potential errors associated with manually calculating hours.
  • Prevents fraud from “buddy clocking”
  • Both line and HR Managers are immediately informed about absent or late arrivals
  • Real time, access friendly and customisable reports
  • Clear and unbiased records and reports
  • Long term records to identify trends
  • Automation reduces supervision costs
  • Biometric identification ensures consistent policies
  • Back up information for legal proceedings
Time and Attendance
  • Provides area-based, employee-specific access.
  • Efficient way to track sub-contractors who charge by the hour.
  • No need to sacrifice productivity and security.
  • Provides a more accurate audit and guaranteed recognition by individual than surveillance cameras.
  • The access control terminal admits only authorized personnel.
  • Provides 24/7 time audit of every person who has entered a specific zone.
Time and Attendance
  • Consolidates “time and activity” information across your organisation
  • Collects accurate source data for job costing, employee-specific access control or attendance.
  • Seamless integration to eliminate errors, fraud and admin time.
  • Accurate data and reporting on hours worked by job, task, project or client.
  • Monitors employee performance fairly and visibly.
  • Accounts for labour hours either to clients or to company management.
  • Predicts the cost of jobs or projects that require multiple activities.

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